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Wines Experience® is a company dedicated to offer services around The Wine World and Haute Cuisine, focused on luxury and distinction.

Our offer is aimed to Exclusive Costumers looking for Unique and Incomparable experiences throughout specialized Trips and Events Organization within the best Viticultural Regions and Houses of the world as well as the greater Prestige International Restaurants that are located in the most Selected Countries, with a proven track record in terms of wine, gastronomy, culture and tourism tradition.

To Wines Experience® each Client is Unique that is why we design services and proposals tailored to its needs, providing the best option that suits its needs and preferences.

Wines Experience


The company objective is to provide our clients with Exclusive Services so they can immerse themselves in the Culture of the countries where we make our offer, wine and gastronomy are part of it. For this it is important to know the wine culture and the land where the best wines are produced and also the gastronomic tradition that is part of the identity of those destinations. To complement this immersion we offer to know firsthand and in a customized way, in the hands of professionals who know and have extensive experience in these countries, the history, stories and characters that are part of the heritage of the properties, monuments and / or places of interest.

Wines Experience


Wines Experience® commitment is to provide to our Customers the Exclusive Access to the most emblematic properties with a Special and Preferential treatment. They open their doors to their vineyards, facilities, dining rooms, and even in some places, to provide with a coexistence and Unforgettable Experience. In order to compliment this Exclusive Experience we have the support of highly qualified personnel related to the properties where the services will take place and Wines Experience® staff and representatives who will take care of every detail before, during and after your stay.

Wines Experience

Philosophy Louis Pasteur, Oenlogy’s father

“There is more philosophy and wisdom in a bottle of wine than in all the books”.

Philosophy Wines Experience®

“In order to appreciate a good wine and recognize its value, first it is important to know its history and learn who is behind each bottle”

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The Spanish wines enjoy great presence and acceptance all around the world, because their wineries are ruled by the highest standards to produce the best wines. Spain is one of the most developed countries in terms of enoturism is concerned with a wide range of services. Enjoy modern facilities ruled by their quality highest standards designed by renowned architects and also family wine wineries with a great history, and gastronomy tradition as well.

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The French wines are highly linked to its cuisine recognized by its great prestige at international level. Each region, where some of the best wines in the world are produced, has features and different traditions that will surprise you. Discover the several mythical Châteaux where exception wines are elaborated and learn about the properties that offer a great diversity in terms of wines.

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