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Madrid, capital of Spain, is a cosmopolitan city that combines the most modern infrastructures and its condition of economic, financial, administrative and services centre with an immense cultural and artistic heritage legacy of centuries of fascinating history. Madrid preserves one of the historic old towns, most important among the large European cities, which merges harmoniously with the most modern and comfortable facilities, a full range of accommodation and services and the most advanced technology in audiovisual media and communication. Together with the thrust of a dynamic and open society, but also cheerful and cozy have turned this metropolis into one of the great capitals of the Western world.


The city of Toledo, declared world heritage by UNESCO in 1986, is located on a rocky promontory surrounded by the Tagus River in the Centre of Spain, just 70 kilometers from the capital, Madrid. The three cultures of the three monotheistic religions – Muslim, Hebrew and Christian – left their mark in this rocky grief and cradle of civilizations – as said Cervantes-embraced the Tagus, witness of the imprint of all the peoples of the Iberian Peninsula.


In this great little town tradition and modernity coexist with touches of the Belle Epoque, which has a cultural agenda of first level with its international film and jazz festivals and its cutting-edge cultural programming. San Sebastian is also the pintxo world capital. Gastronomy competes in prominence with nature in this city known worldwide for its cuisine and its chefs which brings together 16 Michelin stars.

Spain Medieval Villages


When someone hears of Peñafiel, the subconscious moves you into the world of wine. Bottles, barrels and wine cellars take over the mind of the traveler, but visit Peñafiel is much more than putting your feet on the cradle of the Ribera del Duero. A visit to Peñafiel is to travel into the past without using a time machine; It is to open the palate to the yesterday, today and tomorrow flavors; It is to know firsthand the culture, art and tradition forged with the passage of the centuries.


LaGuardia is a town full of charm, which together with the rich landscape of its land, covered by vineyards, keeps the memory of its people since ancient times that lived, fought and died helping to build its history recorded in its stones. Laguardia is wine. The color of its landscapes, its history, its people life, everything is inextricably joined to it, not in vain this villa produces about 12 million liters a year.

France Cities


Since June 28, 2007, Bordeaux was declared World Heritage by the UNESCO. This Declaration implies recognition of the value and the heritage unit of the city, which has been modernized over the course of the centuries without breaking their harmony and their architectural wealth. Bordeaux is the first urban set distinguished in a space so large and complex that spans 1810 hectares, for example: half of the city and boulevards are on the banks of the Garonne River.


This small medieval town, located in the heart of one of the most famous vineyards of the Bordeaux region, is unique in its kind given the large number of wine properties, the excellent quality of its wines and its majestic architectures, as well as its monuments.


Toulouse is a city which has an exceptional heritage and reserve you beautiful surprises. Mansions of the golden age of the woad or yerba pastel, (plant cultivated in the 16th century for its blue pigment), religious buildings with decoration of brick and stone, rich collections in museums located in famous buildings or industrial sites that have been given a new life. Intently, come to enjoy! Wandering through streets and monuments, the city rose reveal their history and their charms.


On the shores of the Mediterranean, Montpellier is the eighth largest city in France. Let yourself be seduced by its culture and its festive atmosphere. City of ancient tradition is the seat of the most ancient medicine Faculty in Europe which is still in operation. Over the years, this city has some works that have managed to reach levels of comparable importance with the great metropolis of the world. Prestigious architects Jean Nouvel and Ricardo Bofill have left their mark in some buildings in the city.

France Medieval Villages


The Citadel of Carcassonne was declared world heritage of the UNESCO in the year 1997. Carcassonne is primarily known as a fortified medieval town; but this rocky figurehead is being occupied by man since the sixth century BC, first in the form a French enclave and, later, from the centuries III to IV of our era, as a Roman city walled.